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Scarf can change your look in a flash. They're interesting and fun to wear, but they take practice to make them stay perfectly in place. You can easily achieve the effect of a wrinkled knotted string or look as though you're wearing a bandage around your neck if you're not sure how to wear scarves.

 Here are some popular ways to tie a scarf.

  • Anchor scarves secretly with tiny safety to stop it from slipping.
  • Loop a scarf more than once to keep it steady.
  • The triangle in the back of the scarf can be tucked inside the collar.
  • You can wear a larger square scarf loose in a middy effect by tying the square knot lower down on your chest.
  • A wool scarf hanging loosely over a raincoat may be very effective.
  • It's too uptight-looking to tuck your scarves neatly into your coats like an ascot.
  • Chiffon is good when used to trail down the back of a luxuriant evening gown, but as scarves. They looked tacky, as though they should be worn over curlers.