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Understanding the different categories of styles is a skill that demands up-to-date knowledge and motivation.
1. HAUTE (high fashion) This category includes the very chic, one-of-a-kind, the custom-made and designer's collection.

Colors Unusual and rare.
Lines Unusually layered, fitted to suit, very specific individual taste. Textures Unusual and rare materials.
Effect One-of-a-kind, leader, very unique, tres chic
Needs Custom-made, designer's originals, very expensive.
Favorite Accessory Coordinated matching and custom made pieces.

Note: Notice the unusual layers, unique and one-of-a-kind designs.
2. ELEGANT This style includes expensive designer's reproduction, but should not be misunderstood as "haute" or high fashion.
Color Unusual, muted solid colors (gray, black and white)
Lines Mostly uncomplicated and well fitted (Chanel type)

Textures Fine fabrics, usually expensive materials.
Effects Very refined, status and executive-looking.
Needs Semi custom-made or altered to fit.
Favorite Accessory Coordinated and matching real gold and diamond accessories.

Note: Notice the emphasis on the uncomplicated, well fitted status look.
3. DRAMATIC (Theatrical) This style creates a glamorous and glitzy impact.
Color Strong, vivid, and contrasting (black is a favorite color).
Lines Severe, sharp and usually asymmetrical. Bold and often overwhelmingly fitted with open slits.
Textures Rare and trendy.
Effects Confident, chic, sexy and catchy.
Needs Custom-made or altered to fit.
Favorite Accessory Bold statement usually metallic (gold, silver, bronzes, etc).

Note: Notice the fit, its impact and its open slits. Sometimes open back design or see-through materials are used. You'll when you see one.

4. CLASSIC This style includes Town & Country or the emphasis of business and corporate look.
Color Beige, navy, red, blue and black.
Lines Simple and traditional trim.
Textures Durable and natural fibers.
Effects Typical leader, practical, conservative.
Needs Clothes that has a timeless appeal year after year, expensive.
Favorite Accessory Traditional and conservative shapes.

Note: Notice the a timeless appeal of the design. A very good example are the collection of Chanel.

5. CONSERVATIVE (feminine/demure) This category includes traditional old fashioned, but should not be misunderstood as a classic because of its girlish features.
Color Pastel, soft blends, muted rainbows.
Lines Simple flows, rounded curves and semi- fitted.
Textures Light, flowing, lace, usually old-fashioned small print.
Effects Fragile, soft, charming, innocent and very feminine.
Needs Gentle, very delicate -- price not an issue.
Favorite Accessory Very simple real gold and diamond accessories.

Note: Notice the simple accessories, its color and angular lines.
6. WESTERN (Country) The opposite of conservative. Clothes are reduced from the feminine emphasis.
Color Earth tones are favorites.
Lines Durable, simple, easy and comfortable.
Textures Natural fibers, basic denim, thick and old-fashioned.
Effects Tough, strong, sometimes western.
Needs Durability, mobility and price not an issue.
Favorite Accessory Big water-resistant watch, leather boots and thick belt.
Note: Notice the emphasis of earth tone colors.

7. CASUAL This category includes denim, feeling at-home, sometimes western.
Color Any, color is not an issue (brights, pastels, earth tones)
Lines Unstructured, simple, and easy.
Textures Popular (natural, blend or synthetic fibers).
Effects Easy-going, athletic, unpretentious and simple.
Needs Easy care, home atmosphere and comfortable.
Favorite Accessory Cloth bag, basic, simple accessories, including disposables.

Note: Notice the easy-going features and simple lines.

8. GRUNGE Category which was made popular during the early 90s. It creates an emphasis of younger generations, exaggerated constructions, separates, and coordinates.
Color Could be anything
Lines Unstructured sometimes exaggerated and unusual.
Textures Popular (natural, blend or synthetic fibers), knits.
Effects Youthful, confident but sometimes impractical. Most designs die quickly.
Needs Easy pieces, but sometimes wild and usually inexpensive.
Favorite Accessory All kinds, real or fakes, inexpensive accessories including disposables.

Note: Notice the exaggerated lines, sometimes out-of-this-world. Different styles were popularized by Madonna and Cindy Lauper in the 80s. Very artistic and sometimes unexplainable designs.

9. FUTURISTIC This category did not really make it outside Star Trek epoch and may have gone during the dot-com era. The category emphasizes the look of the electronic and the computer age. The design concept is based on galactic or extra-terrestrial inspired clothing.
Color Strong metallic (gold, silver, etc.), vivid, and contrasting.
Lines Angular, sharp and usually asymmetrical.
Textures Hard, unusually bold and often overwhelmingly round or square
Effects Impractical to our present times, unique accessories or trim.
Needs Bold statement, extra-ordinary accessories, usually expensive
Favorite Accessory Bold geometric accessories (rings, earrings, including bags)
Note: Notice the unique accessories, its sharp and angular lines. Shoes with flashing red lights are examples of this style.