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Getting the right fit
On Buying Clothes
On Quality of Garment
On Fabric Care
On Stain Removal
Your Wardrobe
Regarding Eyeglass Frames
On Creating New Image
Establishing Professional Image
For the Job Interview
On Wearing Pants
Importance of first impression
How does clothing affect us
Dealing with Body Flaws


Rules of Effective Camouflage
If you are tall and thin
If you are tall and bulky
If you are short and thin
If you are short and bulky
To Widen the Upper Torso
On the Effects of Color
The Importance of Color
Tips for the face the neck
for shoulders the arms
for the bust
the waist
for the Stomach Hips
for the Bottom thigh the legs hem length Secrets Of Accessories Belts Cosmetics Gloves Handbags Hats Jewelry Scarves Shoes Stockings


What is Fashion
Categories of Fashion
How Designs work
Designer's mind: Illusion
Fashion languages

How to Measure Your Body

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Let's test your fashion skill

Do you often walk down the street and not feeling in-style?
Do you often have second thoughts attending formal gatherings?
Do you often justify the way you are dressed?
Don't you like what you see of yourself in a mirror sometimes?
Do you attract people who are not your type sometimes?
Do you feel too dressed-up sometimes?
Do you feel that you look dull sometimes ?
Do you sometimes feel don't have the right thing to wear?
Do you sometimes feel not making the right fashion statement?
Do you sometimes feel don't have the right clothes in your closet?
Are you intimidated by anyone who are dressed well?
Are you aware that most successful people are well dressed?
Do you feel shopping for clothes are a hit and miss situation?
Do you doubt the idea that dressing is a pleasure?
Do you decide every day what impression you want to create?
Do you tend to get frantic when you're getting ready to go out?
Do you have clothes in your closet that you don't use?
Do you get attention everytime you enter a room or you're just naturally ignored?
Do you believe in dressing-up for success?
Do people talk about the way you dress?
Do people shove ahead of you in the supermarket line sometimes?
Can you be ready in half an hour for almost any occasion?
Can you be manipulated by anyone into buying garments you don't like?
Does your clothing look misunderstood the agenda of the occasion sometimes?
Whether you're a fashion freak or a hip-hop sophisticated premadonna; whether you are naturally "tres chic" or just want to capture the right reaction from someone special; whether you just simply want to be in sync with your body or just helping your career, if you answer "yes" to any of these questions, you owe to yourself to read my fashion Tips. Enjoy.