In Perspective

NOUBIKKO is a Brand Label in haute couture in San Francisco, California establised in 1984.

Noubikko Signature Collection made a debut in headline news  in high-fashion industry since the late 80's. He is noted for his original concept ideas and designs using real pearls.  And, his use of 100% natural fiber materials for his evening and wedding gowns became his personal signature.

In 1989, Noubikko was the award recipient of San Francisco's prestigious Entrepreneur-of-the-Year.  He was listed among Filipino Who's Who among in California in the same year.
In the early 90's, Noubikko's benefit fashion shows which included the "Look of the Year Model Search" sequels were hailed among  the best coordinated original concept in the industry.   The presentation concept is still being queued as a guideline today by other fashion designers and model search producers.

Noubikko is a master's level image maker and specialist in camouflage techniques.  His Fashion and Lifestyle Tips have been cataloged by Libraries and several publications in print and on the web. His advice on body-camouflage, textile fabric redefinition and silhouette, effects have been landed in manuals and instruction guidelines by several fashion institutions. Noubikko's speeches, lectures, and manuals are used as reference material by Training Centers

(Indonesia); BEAA (Russian), GateChili, Kiev University Library (Ukraine); Thaiger (Thailand); OKEZONE (Malaysia); Institute of Management; Mara University  ; NCL (Taiwan)  Fashion Library ; And, major Online dictionaries such as Google Fr and Google Es use Noubikko's definition for words like "fad" and "knickers"; and, use as reference

At age 45, Noubikko said in a press conference that he will retire in the fashion industry and lived in the south of France. However, in 2007, he reemerged in the fashion scene as the principal designer for the 12 finalists for the Miss Europe.  Fashion media quoted a viral news "Noubikko was resurrected in Prague".  The following year, he was the

principal designer for the 24 finalists for Miss Poland Pageant for Miss Universe; and Miss International competition; and  even became the garment consultant for Figure Skating competitions in Eastern Europe...

Noubikko continued and introduced “Noubikko Pearls”, a carefully selected South-seas Pearls which are meticulously handpicked cultured salt-water pearls. In February of 2013, Noubikko announced again in a press conference that he will retire in the fashion industry, The same year, however, he re-emerged in the limelight with another private label to his collection, the Urban Legend and TOMI men's casual.

Noubikko has been active since 2014 in RPConnect. It is a company that intergrates investment projects with Investors.  Most of it are his personal friends that he had established and have done business for years.  Noubikko is also active in organizations that support the Arts and Civic Community. He is presently the Head of the  Order of the Knights of Rizal in the Czech Republic, and Benefactor of  Religious Congregation Priests and Brothers, The Sons of

Mary,  whose advocacy is funding scholarship programs for seminarians; and feeding abandoned children on the street. Noubikko bears watching as excitement veers towards what he has under wraps for every season. Retirement for an active persona is pure under-statement for Noubikko. 

1984   Noubikko Brand was born

1989   Noubikko was named among San Francisco's Most Outstanding Entrepreneurs and multi-awarded Fil-American citizen by the San Jose Chamber of Commerce.

1990   Noubikko was awarded by Hon. Emmanuel Pelaez, Philippines Ambassador to the US and former Philippines vice president for his outstanding achievements; was commissioned as one of the Delegates to the Asian Pacific Heritage in Washington D.C. and later was recognized as among the Filipino "Who's Who" in California. 

1991   Noubikko was named one of the "The Big Four" by the San Francisco Celebration for the Arts. 

1992   Noubikko awarded by the City of San Jose for extraordinary services in the Arts. 

1993   Noubikko established his residency in Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

1995   Noubikko as a company included investment interest on essential perfume oil plantation. Initiated  RPConnect  a company specializing in marketing strategies that are focused in corporate business-to-business integration.

1997  Noubikko presented

1998  Noubikko joins the "Trees for Life" to boost EarthSphere eco project in Asia.

2001  Noubikko Brand has been licensed for use by other companies.

2002  Noubikko introduced Noubikko Pearls and pride the Collection as among the best.

2003 - The company marketed its first production of essential perfume oil extract called Ylang-ylang. 

2004 - 2005 - Noubikko is active and accepted volunteer role in the reconstruction of world-famous Shrine of the Infant Jesus of Prague.

2006 - Noubikko moved to Prague.

2008 - Principal designer for the Miss Czech Republic for Miss Universe Pageant, 12 Finalists for Miss Universe pageant, including the moderator's gowns. Video (YouTube 1) (YouTube 2) (photo gallery); Video (Mss Universe Contest).

2008 - Noubikko accepted offers to design Czech representatives for Olympic Games and Figure Skating competitions. Before the end of 2008, Noubikko organized the Fashion Designers Association of the Czech Republic (FDACR).

2009 - Noubikko was the principal designer for 24 finalists for Miss Poland for Miss Universe Pageant. By the end of the year, gowns were worn by the Miss Czech Republic for Miss Earth, Miss Poland for Miss Earth, Miss Poland for Miss International, Miss Poland for Miss Universe, etc. were all Noubikko's.

2010 - Noubikko organized Prague Art Support. An Artists organization based in the Czech Republic. Noubikko Label is licensed for Tomi. 

2011 - Noubikko introduced Jewelry Design Collection with other designers including famous jewelry designer Petra Mohylova and became active with the Via Foundation

2012 - Noubikko supports Nadace Via  Charity Program 

20132014 - RPConnect signed RPC Prime Corporation (Philippines) supporting several projects the Renewable Power.

2015 - 2016 - Noubikko says "GREEN is fashionable... can't miss it!". 

2017 - Noubikko signed agreement with NEXTGEN, Inc., Waste-to-Energy Company.

2018  -  Noubikko signed agreements with TECCHREN, Inc,  Renewable Power Storage Battery Manufacturing
2019  -  Noubikko signed agreements with DANTRU Corp., Renewable Power Company; RTManansala Inc., Construction company focused on eBuilding and eMarket.

2020 - Noubikko announced new fashion for the  Millenium Haute Couture is mostly based on Internet Online and Digital caused by the trauma of CCP CoVid19.  Noubikko said that the Virus of 2020 has revolutionized a new persfective of how we look at things, and a new era of fashion is about to introduce the "New Couture"!




"Noubikko bears watching as excitement veers towards what he has under wraps for the coming season"

...........................Lulu Lustre, Philippines Herald, Hayward, California 


"He is the hottest designer-couturier hereabout"
...........................Julie Jurado, The Eye Magazine, San Francisco, California


"La nouvelle coqueluche du tout-mode Californien" (The new designer raging all over California)
.................Pascal Le Coq, Collector Magazine , Paris, France. 

"His designs are absolutely timeless...."
............ .. ..Patrice Danielle, City Magazine, Vancouver B.C., Canada

"Noubikko is best described for his unique approach, keen eye for details and special effects" 
...........Tina Manaloto, Philippine Chronicle, San Francisco, California 

"Noubikko is San Jose's wizard designer"
............ Art Padua, Asian Voice, Vallejo, California
............  Philippine Senatorial Candidate 1991

"Noubikko's sewing and cutting is a novel tucking here and there, pleating and draping never been expertly done before"
.................Lilia Andolong, Philippine Examiner

"His collection... I could sum it up in one word - "Fabulous"
..............Lulu Lustre, Philippines Herald, Hayward, California 

"The standing ovation accorded to him by the entire audience is an affirmation of their appreciation and in being a Filipino talent rarely found in their midst"
............ ...Baby Castillo, USA-Filipino Magazine, San Jose, California

"It is in recognition of this vision of a Filipino Designer that I take the opportunity to express my personal appreciation for Noubikko"
......Rosalinda V. Tirona, Consul General , San Francisco. California 

"Beneath Noubikko's image lies the sensitive persona of a complex individual with a character much like a multifaceted gemstone... He has a mind with the speed and precision of a high speed personal computer"
................Frank Flecher, The Image Magazine 

"We at the Department of Tourism are very proud... Noubikko can be just as equally talented as the ones here"
Peachy Villanueva, Tourism Attache, D.O.T. San Francisco, California

"I am very proud...."

............ .. .Alex Melendez , President Fil-Am Chamber of Commerce 


"I have heard only wonderful things (from main Sponsors during Miss Czech Republic Pageant 2008 ) about your gowns, Bravissimo" 
............ .. H.Hon. Carmelita R. Salas, Philippine Ambassador to the Czech Republic.

"No one can execute these gowns using Thai silk better and as fine as Noubikko. His flair is perfect with unmatched "awe" (said during Miss Poland Pageant 2009 )
............ .. Ali Marzouki, Director, Thailand Tourism Board